Exclusive Limited Shirts [the inner circle 2016]

from Aeon Sable


In cooperation with @avantehermetico from Spain, we created a very unique and highly limited edition of 100 handmade shirts.
The main layout is a white, both sided print on black Fruit of the loom shirts.
What makes these shirts unique is the additional coloured flame on the front print, which varies from shirt to shirt. (Red, Purple, Bordeaux, ...)
Thank you for your support!

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Aeon Sable Essen, Germany

Some say the music of Aeon Sable is gothic rock, others call it dark rock, doom, goth, new goth, metal (...) - for us, this kind of music is a soundtrack for dark souls.

Din-Tah Aeon & Nino Sable
Germany, est. 2010

Hypaerion was elected #1 album of the year at DARK MUSIC AWARDS 2016

Inspired by:Bauhaus,
the sisters of mercy, fields of the nephilim, the cure, tiamat and a lot of black metal.
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