Box of Matches - SPECIAL

from Aeon Sable

This box of matches contains 20 black matches with white head each. It also contains the lyrics of the intro track from Aether - the "spell of the hand of glory".
(The cat will NOT be shipped!)

ships out within 5 days
edition of 1000 

  €1 EUR or more 



Aeon Sable Essen, Germany

Some say the music of Aeon Sable is gothic rock, others call it dark rock, doom, goth, new goth, metal (...) - for us, this kind of music is a soundtrack for dark souls.

Din-Tah Aeon & Nino Sable
Germany, est. 2010

Hypaerion was elected #1 album of the year at DARK MUSIC AWARDS 2016

Inspired by:Bauhaus,
the sisters of mercy, fields of the nephilim, the cure, tiamat and a lot of black metal.
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