Algorithm of None (Dying Motion)

by Aeon Sable




Late 2011, November or December: We where far away from home – somewhere in Hong Kong, in the city that never sleeps. My phone was dead for days. Just me and Din between the masses. We had money, a lot of money from our record label, don't ask me why. Hanging out on the streets of Wan Chai we met this one guy – he looked like an ancient Asian magician with a long beard – like the Kung-Fu masters in the movies, and we talked and laughed and pretty soon we found ourselves surrounded by pretty young Asian girls in a dark bar and there was this sweet smelling purple cloud all around us. The next thing I can remember is hanging around with a Chinese band in their rehearsal room doing some recordings. Din was laying in a corner whit a guitar on his neck and me, sitting on a flying carpet rolling a cigarette.


released November 13, 2012




Aeon Sable Essen, Germany

Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable, already enriching the 'dark side of music' with other projects in the past, are now on the road with a self-produced dark set of sounds, tied on the atmosphere of Fields of the Nephilim or The Sisters of Mercy, revamping it into a modern style. ... more


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